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Tantra Squirting Gspot Massage Heaven Touch - m4w (Orange County)

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The G-Spot is the Woman's emotional sex center. The Woman carries in her Sacred Spot her highest potential for pleasure and ecstasy as well as any physical and emotional traumas from her past. To achieve the highest pleasure and ecstasy, the woman needs to remove and clear any blocked and trapped energies and emotions of past trauma with tantric massage of her G-Spot. When these energies and emotions are released, she is freed to express her natural, powerful and orgasmic nature.

Professional Tantra masseur , i was trained by Tantra Gurus in India , Bombay , Puna , Australia , Sydeny ,Japan Tokyo

The goal of Tantric Massage is not orgasm.

Orgasm is often a pleasant and welcome side effect. When orgasm does occur it is usually more expanded, more intense and more satisfying. During a regular orgasm, energy builds and then is released. During orgasm in Tantric massage, the energy is recycled back through the body resulting in orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Overall, the goal of Tantric Massage is to allow the receiver to enjoy the experience and to relax into herself afterwards.

The massage begins with a luxurious slow sensual body massage. This is an oil based massage. The oil is totally water dispersible, there is never any danger of staining your clothes. Added to the massage oil is pure essential oils that help heighten your sexual senses. This will relax you and help me to connect to your energy centers. Tantric Massage is never hurried and the room is quiet filled only with the sound of soft seductive music and scented candles.

I'll start by relaxing and connecting with you and synchronizing my breathing with yours.

I'll start by quieting and focusing my mind while resting my hands on your upper and lower back. You will feel the positive charged energy pass between you. Then, I'll perform a relaxing massage on the back, neck, legs, buttocks and feet.

After relaxing your back, neck, legs, buttocks and feet, I'll have you turn over. I'll then massage your arms,hands and chest, paying very special attention to your breast and nipples. I'll then massage your tummy and pelvis area just above the vulva... before gliding down to the legs. After finishing the fronts of the legs and feet, I'll glide back up and slowly brushes over the pubic area, teasing it, this teasing process, is drawn out by brushing the inner thighs, near the vagina, very lightly touching the pubic region. At this point the erotic energy is building, making it a natural time to start shifting the focus to the sex centers of your body.

Lying on your back I'll ask that you spread your legs, while I sit between your legs. This position allows me full access to your Yoni and other parts of your body. We will begin with deep, relaxed breathing. It is important we both remember to keep breathing deeply, slowly and with relaxation during the entire Tantra Massage. I will gently remind you to start breathing again if you stop or take shallower breaths.

I will gently massage the mound and outer lips of your Yoni, spending time here and not rushing, gently squeezing the outer lips between my thumb and index finger, and sliding up and down the entire length of each lip, doing the same thing to the inner lips of the Yoni. Gently stroking the clitoris with clockwise and counter-clockwise circles. Gently squeezing it between thumb and index finger. At this point you will become highly aroused but remembering this is done as a massage and not to reach orgasm I continue to encourage you to just relax and breathe.

Slowly and with great care, I insert my finger into your Yoni. Very gently exploring and massaging the inside of your Yoni. Taking my time, being gentle, feeling up, down and sideways, varying the depth, speed and pressure. This is a Tantra Massage and I am nurturing and relaxing your Yoni.

Now I begin massaging your sacred spot/G-Spot. You may feel as if you have to urinate, this is perfectly normal, the feeling shouldn't be fought. Taking time gently moving side to side, back and forth and in circles using my thumb to massage your clitoris. At this point orgasm may occur, don't fight it keep breathing, lose yourself in it. Remember Tantra Massage is for your pleasure.

I will massage your yoni and erogenous zones. Included is female ejaculation or squirting training and pulse acknowledgement within the realms of your sensuality and how to distinguish your body and separate it from your mind so you can let yourself go in a feminine and lucid manner. This is NOT about intercourse; this is about tantric and yoni massage only

If orgasm occurs, I will gently remind you to keep breathing, as I will continue massaging. It is important to try and not give in to the urge to stop after the first orgasm. More orgasms may occur, each gaining in intensity. In Tantra Massage this is called "riding the wave." Many women can learn how to be multi-orgasmic with the Yoni Tantra Massage

I only use the safest of practices, and I do not move fast in selecting a trade partner, so this may take time to connect. I also take time with the massage, and stimulate you through the slow lane to lift off. You should be a happy, healthy, drama free female, with her own cozy warm place.

The goal of Tantra Massage is to allow the receiver to enjoy the Tantra Massage and to relax into herself afterwards.

Discretion and privacy assured

For more information, please contact me. All inquiries will be answered fully and promptly


Dear Mark,

You really made me feel like a woman, it was the best orgasm I never have. It took my whole body. I need to book an other class with you. Erica West LA

Dear Mark,

Vagina and female sexuality in general have no secret for your magic fingers. Jessica Burbank


When I saw your ad I thought is was a great opportunity to deal with my issues with intimacy due to rape. It was important to me that this be discreet and I appreciate the high level of respect that you gave me and my case. During our meeting, a lot of emotions surfaced that I did not believe I had the strength to face. I am still amazed that I was able to face them and how rewarding opening up myself felt. Its like the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. There are many milestones for me to meet before I can have a "normal" relationship. I am hopeful that one day it will happen for me, whereas before I felt hopeless, stuck and uncomfortable with men. It took a lot for me to make this step and I do not regret it. Thank you for making me feel beautiful, safe, appreciated and cherished. Thank you for making me feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in a long time. Isauda R Los Angeles October 14, 2005

Dearest Mark,

The earlier the better.... I am feeling blockages between my legs as well as this vibrating sensation, so I would like some help. She sent me an email after me met Good, a bit cramped, but very good, like I released something Karin S. Marina Del Rey


You had the power to let float my juice, I feel so liberated. I understand now the meaning riding the wave. Johnson N , Pasadena

Dear Mark ,I had my first session with you not long ago and it was everything I could have imagined and more. As I told you before, Tantra has been a point of interest for me for some time now. I once read that sexuality was a doorway to the divine. Unlocking ones sensuality will unlock there higher self. I feel that with your assistance, I am well on my way. I must add that your professionalism was very impressive. I've always preferred a masseuse rather than a masseur. However I felt so at ease with you and your velvety touch was reminiscent of a session with a knowing female. I look forward to my next appointment. Thanks! Shiobain Pasadena

Dearest Mark,

You are pretty gifted .. Cannot wait to meet you again ... Your are a true gentleman , I loved your special stimulation on my my clit...it was perfect. I felt heaven. Thank you Michelle S. Woodland Hills


Sometimes, people lose confidence in themselves sexually. It could be because they are stressed, busy, have had a bad experience, maybe even suffered abuse. As a woman, I can relate to that fully. Years ago, never mind how many, I suffered abuse at the hands of a very close relation. It wasnít sexual, but it was physical and emotional, and it left deep scars. The most important was an inability to trust men, to ever let my guard down. Yet, thatís exactly what I wanted to do, to feel intimate with a loving and caring man. So, I drifted through a number of relationships, and a variety of sexual activities; all in an effort to find satisfaction. I even took a foray into the whole BD lifestyle. While getting spanked was stimulating, it left me unsatisfied. And then I found the website an ad from Mark Iíd heard about the G-spot, and knew that it was supposed to be the key to unlocking a womanís sexual pleasure, but from Mark at learned that Tantra massage was the key to so much more. As he works in Los Angeles, it was easy for me to get in touch with him, and he was so good about answering all of my questions. With my doctor, frankly, I was a little embarrassed to ask some of them. Thereís a lot to be said for the anonymity of the internet. By Markís answers, I could see that he knew what he was talking about; heís got nearly twenty years of experience at the Tantra massage technique.

From my talks with Mark, and some reading I did on my own , I grew to understand the concept of the chakra points on a personís body. In eastern philosophy, these are the energy centers of the body, and they control every aspect of your health and psyche. Through his use of Tantra massage, I was able to experience an orgasm that rippled through my entire body, and all by the touch of his hands.

Iíve heard it said that the mind is the most sexual organ in the body, and I believe it now. The Tantra massage is so beautiful, such a tantalizing, sensuous and teasing experience, and Mark was able to open those chakras up to their full sensuality. The best part is, it always makes me feel safe and secure; Mark respects my boundaries. While Iíve gotten massages before, the men never knew what they were doing. For them, it was something to get over so they could get their pleasure.

The best part of dealing with Mark is that heís someone whom Iím not connected to emotionally. I can tell him anything, and not hurt his feelings. Itís not like heís a boyfriend; so I donít feel guilty if I donít call him next day. Iíve found that Tantric massage is able to unleash my full sexual desires. It allows me to connect more fully with the core of my sexual being and to open that up to my partner with love and trust. Through Tantra massage I have found harmony with myself and sexual harmony with my partner and if I can do it, so can you. To see just what a wonderful effect Tantra massage can have on your sexuality and love life, contact Mark . You will receive benefits you never dreamed of through such a beautiful and relaxing technique. I know we ladies often feel difficult and uncomfortable with our sexuality, so we donít feel it easy to talk about. Mark understands that. He knows how to put you at your ease you never have to feel uncomfortable about sharing your sexual and personal problems with him. And with his amazing Tantra massage, you will probably find like me, that these problems are soon a thing of the past. You owe it to yourself to find out! . You have nothing to lose and you may just discover aspects of your sexuality which you never knew existed. Maria W. Santa Monica March 26, 2007 Good morning, Mark, Just wanted to say that you are indeed priceless, beyond measure. And thank you for being there with me on Saturday Louise D. Carson April 5 , 2007

Hi Mark,

I want to share some afterthoughts I have about our session. First I want to say that it was not at all what I expected. You were so professional, soft spoken, and informative. You made me feel at ease despite my inhibitions and doubts. Your soft encouraging words and and even softer touch melted my worries away. You stripped me of my ironclad barriers I spent so many years diligently building. I went home to my husband, dying to experience what i just had with you. For the first time I was able to enjoy intercourse. I moaned, I licked, I drove my hips into him feverishly and received my sweet release. I did all the things I never had the courage too. I have two questions, What did you do to me and when are you available again? Doreen P. West Los Angeles

Hello Mark,

I had such a huge sense of sexual dissatisfaction before receiving Tantric massage from you. I always felt "unfinished and deprived after sex. I would still ache and throb from the titillating built up pressure. Desire still tickled my belly while salacious, carnal little thoughts danced around in my head. Naturally I would look to a round two, even three to quell my seemingly insatiable hunger, only to be further inflamed and disappointed. Feather like strokes from silken, knowing, rhythmic fingertips working on my tense stressed body brings me to new heights, known to a privilege few. This is just what my body needed. A sensual, slow and teasing massage to sooth and relax my mind, stimulate my body and touch my soul. Catherine W. Tarzana


When I first heard of Kama Sutra and the likes, I was young and free with my love. The idea of achieving spiritual greatness, explore and exercise one's sexuality while creating deep and meaningful bonds through lovemaking was captivating and poetic to me. The opportunity to actually experience all of the glorious things I was once was captivated by arose again. This time I ran with it. Now that I am much older and more guarded about things of this nature, It took Mark some time to get me to open up completely. The first few sessions were sensual massages. After I felt comfortable enough, we proceeded4 with the sacred yoni massage. I can't begin to explain the amount of raw, unbridled bliss I felt at the hands of this remarkable Tantric practitioner. But I will try. Being touched by Mark feels like a thousand little, lingering kisses being strategically placed all over your body. Anticipation, being very aware and in the moment worked together to create the feeling of being immerse in lquid ecstasy. I felt light headed and giddy at moments. Verbalizations of elation arose from depths within me I didn't even know existed. It was like having an outer body experience. Its far more intense than you can ever fathom. Not even in fantasies can one experience this. Barbara T. Van Nuys

Dearest Mark.

It boggles my mind how cool, calm, and collected you are able to stay during this extremely arousing process. Your dedication to your mission, professionalism and your genuine desire to help others really shine through into your work. In the back of my mind I thoguht you would touch me in an inappropriate way. When I realized that you wouldn't take any liberties with me, I was relieved. The massage itself was real nice. I equate it to that of a loving , caring boyfriend who just wants to make you feel loved. I am interested in exploring g spot massage in future sessions. I believe g spot massage will be the ultimate eye opener for me. Vallery J.

Dear Mark,

If I had to sum up my massage with Mark in three words, they would be: Unbelievable, Surreal, and EXPLOSIVE ! He is punctual, radiant, and has a warm personality. He has a wealth of knowledge, is so very skilled at working a woman's body and is always respectful. He has a gentle and instinctively knows how much pressure to apply and where. Trust me when I say that you will want to book Mark everyday for the next year. Mary T. Downey

Hi Mark,

I always wanted something like what I experienced with Mark.I just didn't know where to look or if it even existed. I don't think I will be going back to my usual shiatsu sessions. This is far more relaxing, pleasing, and the session lasts forever it seems! The benefits are long lasting too because I still have a bounce in my step and a smile on my face after three days. I still am in disbelief about the gentleness of his his hands. I didn't have to tell him to be softer or harder or anything like that. I just lost myself in his hands and every stroke was more perfect than the previous. J. Watson February 12 , 2008

Hello Mark,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my husband and I have been trying out the Tantric massage lessons I have been taking from you, and that things are going really well. I have to admit that I was a little dubious as to what was going to happen when you arrived for my first lesson, but as it turns out things went really well and we have really experienced serious improvement in our sexual activities. When my husband and I first started exploring the possibility of Tantric Yoni massage, I was worried that exploring this possibility might drive an even greater sexual wedge between us. However I could not have been more mistaken. Contacting you was the best thing we could have done. Although I am still not comfortable with my husband being in on our sessions to observe, he is more than understanding about my feeling delicate on the matter. I am quite comfortable in imparting the knowledge you have passed on to me, to him in our lovemaking, and feel that when I am with you, it is more of a learning experience than a sexual one. Certainly curiosity has played a role in this for me, but I do believe I am moving onto a more spiritual level sexually than I ever anticipated I would be able to reach. The combination of Tantric bodywork I have experienced at your hands, and the spiritual lessons I have learned from you in terms of the benefits for a woman, are invaluable. I look forward to moving onto the next level, and exploring an even deeper side to my sensuality and strengths. I have to be honest that I canít wait to achieve the level of concentration and relaxation, which will allow me to reach female ejaculatory orgasm. G. Bradley , Northbridge

It is ok to contact this poster with commercial interests.

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